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Welcome to the New York Semantic Web Meetup, an open community that shares common interest in the Semantic Web and aspects of Advanced Database Systems, Ontologies, Rule Systems, Graph Databases, ORM and RDBMS storage for RDF, Knowledge Management Systems, Computational Linguistics. The Semantic Web effort is an initiative by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) [1] to provide a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. The meetup format is very much inspired by my experience with foafcamp and unconference style community events.

If you live, work or visit the New York metropolitan area and you are interested in these topics you are welcome to participate and share your insight and your opinion about existing and future applications, concepts and frameworks with the NY Semantic Web Meetup at the monthly meeting or the mailing list. Visit to join the Semantic Web Meetup.

The New York Semantic Web Meetup (SWNYC) develops and promotes Semantic Web standards, and cooperates closely with the W3C and standard bodies in particular with regards to the RDF standard and Semantic Web technologies. SWNYC is an open organization, with no formal membership or membership requirements. All participants and leaders are volunteers, though their work is usually funded by their employer or sponsor.

Upcoming/Recent Event

Getting started with SPARQL by Bob DuCharme

November 4th, 2010

Recent Events

Semantic Media Wiki News & Processing and Storing Social Network Data

Introduction to the Semantic Web, Semantic Bazaar and Garlik

User Interfaces for the Semantic Web & Evolution of the Social Search Space

Semantic Web Programming with Taylor Cowan

Combining Public and Proprietary Data and Requirements for a possible "RDF 2.0"

Gathering Intelligence from Twitter Data with Morton Swimmer

What the RDF? ... Firsthand perspectives from Semantic Technology in Action

Earth Science Metadata and GeoSpatial-Temporal Reasoning

Augmented Reality Lounge

Practical RDF in a Publishing Environment & RDA and the Open Metadata Registry

Meetup with Sir Tim Berners-Lee 2009

Lucene 3.0 and Semantic Web Programming

Cambridge Semantics - Enabling Data Agility and SPARQL2

RIF - Rules and the Semantic Web

Content, Identifiers and Freebase

VoCamp New York - Vocabulary Building Workshop

Semantic Advertising


NYPL, NYU, Library of Congress & Knoodl

Bintro, zAgile & Zemanta @ Marsh & McLennan

AdaptiveBlue AB Meta & Glue @ Hearst

AllegroGraph, the Semantic Web & Clojure

OWL2 & Neurocommons @KONA

Semantic St Patrick's Day Meetup

Meetup with Endeca at Daylife
Kenneth Ellis, Chief Scientist at Daylife
Daniel Tunkelang, Chief Scientist at Endeca

Drupal Semantics
Benjamin Melancon Agaric Design
Stephane Corlosquet DERI

Semantic Technologies at Dow Jones
Christine Connors, Global Director
Semantic Technology Solutions at Dow Jones

Upcoming Events



  • The World Wide Web Gets Smart The World Wide Web Gets Smart - But Companies Have Yet to Wise Up to the Semantic Web
    by Olivia Koski
  • Semantic Embed: Part 1
    by Kate Ray
  • Berlin Semantic Web Meetup. Corporate Semantic Web Info Day - "Business Meets Research"
    by DMN Newswire
  • SeMuSe the Future of Semantic Museum Data
    by Marco Neumann

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