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[2008-07-07] In Microsoft/Yahoo! Struggle, the Semantic Web May Benefit
by Dan Leslie

[2008-06-21] Sir Tim Talks Up Linked Open Data Movement

[2008-04-09] Start making sense

[2008-03-18] hakia licenses OntoSem technology to third parties
by Paul Miller in ZDNET

[2008-03-17] Looking for a dominant Semantic Web search engine
by Paul Miller in ZDNET

[2008-03-13] The Yahoo! Search Open Ecosystem
by Amit Kumar in Yahoo Blog

[2008-03-12] Google could be superseded, says web inventor
by Jonathan Richards in Times Online

[2008-03-03] Semantic Web Tools Emerge
Semantic Web concepts and technologies gain traction in mainstream development with new crop of tools.
by Alice LaPlante in Redmond Developer News

[2001-05-01] The Semantic Web
by Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila in Scientific American Magazine

[1997-11-13] Introduction to RDF Metadata
by Ora Lassila in W3C note

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